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About 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter

These are specific details & infos that anyone climbing aboard this charter should know, prior to arrival, in order to get the best out of their vacation and living in pure harmony with the other passengers, the boat itself and the crew onboard! We also invite all guests coming onboard to read and accept our TERMS AND CONDITIONS  (down below)  prior to boarding any cruise (a hard copy of the aforementioned document will be sent out to all guests via email).

1. 5ElementsPro is a specialized Sailing Charter company that offers  a 7 or 10 nights cruise trip (or a special 14 nights stay on request) mostly for KiteBoarders and Professional Performing Artist from all over the world but also for general public over 18 years of age, unless accompanied with an adult.  This specialized charter company is not a bareboat rental company; therefore, clients are renting the full charter packaging for the selected duration; which includes: the sailboat, the crew (usually composed of 1 Captain/cooks with a First-Mate hostess/cook for all of our cruises, all the selected activities, 1 dive (Scuba-Discovery on reef or 1 wreck dive for certified divers), selected guided tours,  3 on-board meals/day, all on-board beverages: water, tea, coffee, smoothies, one alcoholic drink per meal/guest and a 1 hour kiteboarding Refresh per guest onboard.

2. The unique SailBoat "PAYASO" can comfortably accomodate up to 4 people, apart from its 2 crew members. Sometimes, 5 or even 6 people instead of 4 can be accepted under the Captains discretion, with an extra fee of 275us$ per guest/night .  

Sometimes people like to travel with their own group, making this trip as a "Fully  PRIVATE Charter". Other times, some like to travel by themselves or with their loved one but with the opening option of a "Shared  CABIN Charter", where they will appreciate to be matched with some other like-minded travelers to meet new people and/or to share the cost of a quality Sailing Charter in the Caribbeans.

Remember friends, the total cost of a "Fully Private Charter" stays the same if you are 2 persons or if you are 4, compared to a "Shared Cabin Charter" which the price is based per cabin with a dble occupancy maximum. 

Sometimes " matching " is a good option !  So if  beeing matched with other guests is something you are looking for,  we will try to find some other amazing people to be with you for the "Shared CABIN Charter"option. If no match has been found to joining you on your cruise by our company, your trip will still be happening anyways, for the original price of your cabin at no extra cost!! Guaranteed!!

3. A maximum of 2 kite gears per guest are accepted, i.e. 2 kites/2 bars/2 boards and one harness per person.

Recommended KITE sizes: MAN: 8 & 12 and WOMAN: 6 & 10

4. Personal circus material brang onboard should be discussed with Captains, depending on apparel's size for space availability .

5. ONLY ONE 60 to 80 liters BACK PACK/person along with a SOFT handbag (for laptop or a purse) are accepted, apart from kite or circus gears.


This is a SailBoat not an "OnLand Hotel Resort"  and we cannot guarantee that your luggages will fit inside the boat if they can't be folded out.

(The only thing we can guarantee you for sure is that we will use your hardshell luggages as anchorage buoys!  ;)

*Please check for flying embargos imposed by some Airline companies, according to on what you can bring in their aircrafts as for the traveling period or, on how much gear and/or oversized/overweight baggages allowancy.

6. A responsability & accident waiver will be sign by each member of your rental team when arriving on board for "Unaccompagnied Onland Visit" as well as an "Assumption of Risk letter" regarding all accepted involving risks that usually come with this kind of adventurous trip made on a sailing vessel at sea, as much as the risks of accidents and injuries that one is aware while practicing KiteBoarding activities.

7. The only way to book this charter is  to click on RESERVE NOW and process the 3 easy steps described in that section. You will be asked to fill up all the required fields on the reservation form and accept the 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter "Terms and Conditions" when completing your booking. 

8. Flight airfares are the total client's attention and responsability; and no airfares tickets nor airplane flights should be booked prior to a booking confirmation from 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter, after we received your first part payment (deposit).

9. 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  is responsable to organise the transportation to get the clients from Grenada's airport (GND) for the selected booked charter's dates as agreed upon together for the settled time of flight arrival, and to bring all the guests back at the same airport at least 3hres before time of flight departure.

10.  Any other transportation means other than the airport pick-up/drop-off, such as international or local Flights, Buses, Taxis, water Taxis and their remaining associated taxes, are at the charge of clients. 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  cannot be held responsable for any transportation changes or delays, fuel/taxes surcharges or cancellation of all these medium of transportation (please refer to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS policies below).

11. 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  will provide their guests all the necessary kitchen/bed/shower accessories. First-Aid KIT, soap, Shampoo, towels and bed sheets are also provided items by 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter.

12. Personal items like tootbrushes, hairbrush, sunglasses, sunscreen or any other type of cream (facial, body or hand) should be at the client's discretion. (please think about eco-friendly products or bio-degradable materials to protect the environment  :)

13. Although the sailing vessel is fully equipped of many different tools to accomodate kiteboarders with their gears as for assembly/disassembly of their boards; we suggest that clients bring what they need for their specific equipment. Same recommendation applies for circus artist's gears.

14. 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  has its own Liability coverage insurance should anything happen; but it is strongly encouraged & recommended that all participants have their own life/medical/accident/travel or tourist insurance and personal items coverage from themselves, as we all are going to be moving between 2 foreign countries (Grenada & St-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines).


It is your responsability as your group leader, guest or client, to inform the 5EP Sailing Charter team of any guest's physical/mental conditions or specific needs.

Remember that we all deserve to spend a good quality time together as this is a vacation journey for everyone !!! 

So thank you a lot mates for your support , for having chosen our company &  for your general cooperation to make this happen the right way!