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Choosing 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  is choosing quality food and nutrients for quality energy.

We always try to get our fresh products and ingredients from local shops, markets and try to encourage the island development for a direct local economy. When not fishing onboard ourselves, we go see our dear friends local fishermen to get the best fresh sea products you can imagine..

At 5EP Charter, you will always eat fresh, without any chemicals or preservatives !!!

We go with the flow as for cooking, respecting your type of food selection, your tastes and our inspiration of the moment!!

That is why your tastes matter to us! Having food restrictions, allergies or simply ingredients you love the most...well, we absolutely want to know about your preferences and the things that make you feel good!

Here are some meal ideas you could discover and maybe try onboard!

Salute!     -the Chef.

Smoothies & Fresh Juices..

Cocktails & Drinks..

Desserts & Sweet Snacks ..

Breakfast & Lunch..

Antipasti & Dinner ...