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State of being free

Resting your mind, spirit and body.

When chartering a yacht in the Caribbeans is mentioned, many people tend to associate it with a single activity – sailing. The truth is that a Sailing Charter Vacation is actually considered one of the best way to achieve the state of relaxation.

Now imagine if you have the chance to combine all this sailing lifestyle with few more local activities that can bring you even more in a higher state of mind and awareness; just like diving or snorkeling in the most beautiful reefs of the planet for example, or trekking in the rain forests & volcanoes in the morning and then go kitesurfing in a crystal clear lagoon in the afternoon!

5EP Charter will offer you so much ..that you won’t want to leave!

To begin with, this unique specialized charter presents a perfect way of experiencing the beauty of the sparkling blue water and island beaches, the natural and virgen coastlines of the lesser Antilles and the much-famed KiteBoarding playground of all the West Indies!!

With this vacation  directly  "on-the-water ", you will first sleep like a baby, you will enjoy the vivid colors of the marine life, meditate with the ocean’s dynamic sunset, sail in secluded bays and engage in fun activities that will make your Caribbeans vacation memorable.

Try the benefits of relaxation! You will get a better posture in your life, you will feel more in control and you will have more, much more energy.