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Experience an All-Inclusive Crewed Yacht Charter !!

This personalized "Kite-Artistik Charter" is a vacation spent aboard a unique sailing vessel which most likely is an "All-Inclusive 4-Stars floating Resort "  in the blue crystal clear waters of the West Indies !

You don’t need to have any sailing experience as our Kaptains will sail the yacht for you and bring you to one of the most beautiful & charming place in the world:  


5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  will provide you all the best features and aspects of a distinguished company for you to enjoy the most of your vacation while taking advantages of this specialized all-inclusive sailing vacation!

That's right! Everything is included! 

From healthy food meals, snacks, beverages, all activities, airport shuttles ..& even a 1 hour Kiteboarding Lesson/Refresh!!

Select a 7 or 10 nights stay ...and get to choose YOUR  activities !!



To get the entire crewed yacht for your own personal needs, click FULLY PRIVATE CRUISE

To share the crewed yacht & the cost with amazing guests, click SHARED CABIN CRUISE