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These Terms and Conditions  regulate the relationship, liabilities and obligations between 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  and guest(s) regarding the participation in any of the Cruising Options listed, represented by 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  is an independent & privately owned business from Qc, Canada established since 2015 that operates in the West Indies, Caribbeans by providing specialized adventurous vacational services on a private monohull yacht (sailing vessel 'PAYASO'), owned outright with no agents. No 3rd parties involved. Always book with us for complete security.

The only way to take part of a Kite Cruising Trip with 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  is to make an Online Reservation via our website first, then fully accept our Terms and Conditions, and finally completing your booking by sending your deposit or full payment via Bank/Wire or Payment Transfer. Invoice/Receipts are sent upon each received amounts. Copies of this document always attached to invoices.

Cruising Options

Guests can book cabin(s) on a Shared cruise or the full yacht as Private cruise. Convenient group size for Private cruises is 4 guests with possibility of 2 additional guests upon Captain's discretion with an extra fees of 275$US per guest/night; and a maximum of 4 guests total as for the Shared cruise.

Both Cruising Options offer a 7 or a 10 nights stay onboard. (14 nights journey are sometimes also available, on request only, and at Captain's discretion).

Cruise's Prices
Prices for Shared cruises are per cabin (room onboard) in US dollars, based on double occupancy maximum per cabin. Prices for Private cruises are stated per yacht (possibility of 3 double occupancy cabins). Prices are subject to change. Prices include:

  • Fully equipped sailing yacht (w/inboard engine), 3m dinghy motorboat (rescue boat), life jackets, outboard engine, GPS with nautical charts, radar, depth sounder, gas, sheets, blankets, pillows, etc..

  • Captain/Cook & First-Mate Hostess/Kite instructors/Tour Guides.

  • Yacht costs: mooring and port fees, yacht fuel, motorboat fuel, permits, end cleaning, yacht insurance.

  • Food and drinks on board: 3 meals/day, fruits, snacks, drinking water, tea, coffee, smoothies, 1 alcoholic beverage/meal per guest. 

  • Grenada Port Departure's Tourist Tax (VAT).

  • One dive (Scuba-Discovery on reef or 1 wreck dive for certified divers : upon weather conditions/avalability at time).

  • One hour KiteBoarding Refresh per guest onboard.
  • Any other online 5EP selected activities.

Not included in any Cruising Option prices: any airfare tickets (national/interntional/local), transportation fuel surcharges, taxis, water taxis, travel expenses, life/personal/medical/tourist/travel insurances nor KiteBoarding gear Rentals/Lessons (althought possible with extra fees, please confirm).



With submission of the Online Reservation Form under the RESERVE NOW section of 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter's  webpage, you started the booking procedure.

(You and each one of your team member will then receive an "Online Selection Food & Activities Preferences Form" to complete .)

Next is a confirmation note from 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter for your selected cruise dates, preferences and selected activities.


Completing Booking

At this point, we invite you to accept the "5EP TERMS & CONDITIONS" and you shall have access to our banking informations to proceed your first payment within this starting consecutive 10 days to keep your booking privileges, features and charting dates.

Please note that cancellations of booking intentions can be made at no cost before first payment.

(please refer to our cancellation policies below)

Next, we'll send you a printable copy of these Terms & Conditions and every time upon reception of any payments made, you will receive an updated invoice/receipt via your email.



All payments are done via Bank Transfer  (e-transfert/interac/wire transfers/wire payments) or also via a scanned QR code as for Crypto wallet number*. Only the Team Leader will be authorized to make payments. 5EP team will not make any separate bills nor distribute invoices, receipts or accept any money from guests other than the Team Leader.

Althought full payment of cruising trip is encouraged, a 2000us$ deposit is mandatory to secure all bookings. All transfer fees to be paid by remitter. Balance of payment is due 6 weeks prior to boarding.

A 20% gratuity/tip is not included in any packages but optional and is highly recommanded; payable in cash or in Cryptocurrencies to Captain at the end of charter.


*Cryptocurrencies such as: Ethereum, Bitcoin & Stellar-Lumens are fully accepted as for payments. Full amount of charter's price need to be covered all at once when using any Cryptocurrencies at rate established on "date of transactions". Should any reimbursements occured from the 5EP team to guest; the returning payments will be given according to the value based on the established rate from "date of transactions", and not on the latest value of the cryptocurrency used. The $USD is always the reference value for the aforementionned charter's price, unless otherwise specified.

This fairtrade agreement is to protect both the customer and the provider from excessive fluctuation of cryptocurrencie's stage. 


Cancellations and Refunds

We reserve the right to cancel bookings without refund if payment conditions are not met.

As a human and a comprehensive company; if you need to cancel your trip, please try to find someone to transfer your cruising trip to, as we will also try to find another prospect for you. However, this is not always possible and in that case, we must comply with our cancellation policy :

- Any payments are fully refundable on cancellations made over 8 months before boarding.

- For cancellations between 8 months up to 4 months before departure date, we will retain a 300us$ cancellation fee per person.

- Part payment of 2000us$ (deposit) is non-refundable 4 months prior to departure date but may be credited towards future trips at the discretion of 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter, but not to be repeted more than one time.

- No refund of deposit will be given for cancellations made less than 80 days prior to departure date.

- No refunds are granted due to adverse weather or hazardous conditions (based on Captain's decision) with the potential of causing risk to vessel or guests. Instead we will offer guest(s), a return booking discount.

- Full refunds are granted shall a trip be cancelled, if no alternative trip is available for the guests, as we reserve the right to make changes or cancel your travel arrangements for any reason, if necessary. 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter  will not be liable for any other fees, reclamation, compensations or other extra costs encountered and/or related to the cancelling of a Cruising Option arrangement.

Since customer's satisfaction is our number one priority, we will do our best to always accomodate our guests and we will contact you to discuss on possible and acceptable alternative's arrangements to comply with our policy.In case of any circumstances beyond our control, and if unable to provide you a derived quality service alternative for the aforementionned arrangement, we will fully refund your total amount paid for your selected Cruising Option booked.


Force Majeure

No compensations, reimbursements or any sorts of fees will be paid, nor alternative trips will be schedule in the event(s) we have to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any possible way because of : war, riots, industrial disputes, terrorist activities, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, severe adverse weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances that may amount to Force Majeure.


Guest's liabilities, responsibilities and rule of conduct aboard the Yacht

Guests will respect any legal regulations from the hosting country. Participant(s) will treat the sailing vessel and its equipment with respect, love & due cares. Guest will comply with the 5ElementsPro's terms and conditions, the Captain's onboard instructions and will treat other guests and the rest of the crew members with respect. A friendly, smooth, relaxed and cooperative spirit is a must onboard to make this vacation a beautiful experience for everyone. Absolutely NO VIOLENCE nor abuses, physically or mentally will be tolerated onboard.

We reserve the right to terminate the contract for any guest(s) who refuse(s) to comply with the 5ElementsPro's term & conditions hereby and/or any instructions given from the 5ElementsPro's Captain or whose behavior(s) are causing annoyance, damage and/or danger to other guests, crew members or yacht. In case it should come to such conclusion involving this unfortunate termination of contract; our duty, responsibilities and business relation towards the guest(s) cease(s) immediately, and we will not be liable for any fees reclamations, compensations or any other extra costs related to this contract termination issue.

At this point, the concerned guest(s) will be ask to leave the sailing vessel right away with its respective personal effects; and the Captain will escort the aforementioned participant(s) to the closest port, without discussions.


Smoking Policy
A strongly enforced rule applies for smokers in regard of fire hazards, pollution and the respect of other guests and crew members aboard for any selected Cruising Options.

Althought the entire yacht is considered as a non-smoker environment, smoking will only be allowed at an appropriated area outside on the aftdeck of the vessel. The Captain and/or Crew members will help you determine a specific location that will not affect nonsmoking guests nor compromise the safety of the yacht. Smoking inside the sailing vessel (including pilot house too) is totally prohibited at all times. 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter upholds a strict NO DRUGS policy. (please refer to 'conduct and behavior policy' section above)

Travel Insurance

Personal travel insurance is not included in any 5ElementsPro Cruising Options. It is guest's responsibility to arrange his/her health/life/accident/travel/tourist/medical insurance.

(A travel insurance package which is comprised of a personal health insurance (during your stay abroad), an accident insurance (covering your kiteboarding activities if necessary), a luggage insurance as well as a travel termination insurance is very common these days and is normally suggested when traveling in a foreign country.)

To take part of any Cruising Options from 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter, you must have a valid accident insurance covering your kiteboarding activities, if necessary, and a health insurance. 

5EP Team members, crew or Captain will request you, prior to boarding, to sign an "Assumption of Risks" regarding this adventurous journey spent on the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic, as well as for practicing KiteBoarding, if applicable. Furthermore, a responsability release form (waiver) will have to be signed by each guest onboard leaving the ship to explore land, taking part of an on-land activity or exercising their own personal needs while onshore for themselves.

5ElementsPro's Insurance and liability

The privately own sailing vessel 'PAYASO'  is insured for liability coverage. Insurance policy is not covering guest's property damages nor personal guest's property brought onboard. 5ElementsPro's charter services insurance coverage does not cover damages deliberately caused by guests' lack of diligence and/or misconduct on any Cruising Options. Yacht insurance is included in the price of all charters options listed. Guest(s) will treat and respect the yacht, the crew and other guest(s) with due care, as damages and/or related mistreatments caused due to intent or gross negligence of guest(s) will personally be charged directly to them, without further discussion.


Important Notes

  • On arrival, all guests will attempt the "Welcome & Security briefing"  and acknowledge the Captains' instructions on live-aboard behavior, rules and directions.

  • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the time travel and any appropriated visas should be in order (if required).

  • For sanitation reasons (no need to have any bugs nor problems onboard) we reserve the right to inspect all bags and personal items coming aboard the yacht for the safety of all passengers and to comply with regulations of foreign countries.
  • The itinerary is subject to change from one cruise to another according to the selected personalized activities chosen by guest(s). Moorings and/or selected anchored spots may vary according to wind strength & directions and swell reports.

  • Any guest, at any given moment, on no account whatsoever, should jump nor dive or throw himself overboard (off the boat),  without the Captain's consent, ever, never and absolutely under any circumstances. (please refer to our Guest's liabilities, responsibilities and rule of conduct aboard the Yacht policies)
  • To maintain safety of the yacht and the passengers onboard, the Captains' decision prevails.

    The Captain will decide during the trip on every destinations to go, the everyday available safe activities to be done, and the route/course to navigate comfortably according to weather conditions to maintain security and peace of mind for everyone to have a beautiful experience onboard.