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With years of boating experience and a wealth of local knowledge, your crew will be an indispensable guide to all the great attractions in your cruising area.

Our crew’s professionalism and attention to details are only matched by their ability to bring you an exceptional sailing experience. Each Crewed yacht experience is tailored to your specific preferences. From showing you the best spots to snorkel to serving up your favorite drinks and snacks, or choosing the perfect anchorage for an amazing sunset, your crew’s only goal is providing an unforgettable vacation experience for everyone aboard!!


Jue (Lilie)

First-Mate, Hotesse de Yacht, Guide, Circus Performer, Dancer, Cook

Born in Montreal, Lilie is one of the co-founder of 5ElementsPro!

Fully certified by the CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) as a sailing instructor in 1991, Julie has been traveling since then and has been working on different ships along her journey.

Lilie is a university certified Organisational Leisure & Sports Therapist and has worked with lots of groups of all ages in different fields of sports and travels.

She got involved in the circus world in the late 90's and still performing to this date as a juggler, dancer and trapezist. She started Kitesurfing in 2011 ..and got totally addicted to it!!  :)

Living aboard her own sailboat for the past 16 years, she is a very good cook and an excellent leader!

This pretty girl is also known as a sweet lil' Tiger ( the chinese horoscope) making her a true dynamic & a hard-working person! As an Aquarius as well, she delivers a colorful,  spontaneous and a very creative profil !

Fully loaded with amazing positive energy, Lilie loves action & lots of people around!

You will fall in love with this incredible ..& wild creature!!             



Kaptain of  Yacht, Guide, Kite Instructor, Circus performer,  Dancer, Cook


Born downtown Montreal, Patto is the other Jue's half well as the co-founder of 5ElementsPro !

Fully certified by the CYA and the FVQ as a sailing instructor, he started teaching and racing in the sailing world back in 1987.

He studied Holistic & Alternative Medecines at Hull University and started traveling intensively in 1995 where the whole world opened up to his eyes. Patto never stopped movin' since then and has been traveling with Lilie in more than 45 countries so far!

They both meet in 1996 and they started studying/practicing circus arts together.  They officially built their own circus company together in 1999,  "CiRcO LoCo Productions" ( and keep on performing all over the world till this date!

Patto has always been a "sport's beast" and took part in many different competitions with elite teams back in the days.

He started windsurfing in the early 90's and moved to Cabarete, D.R. to fullfill his dream of becoming a Pro Rider. Almost reaching on top of his professional windsurfing training, Patto had to stop doing extreme sports for a while due to a major motorcycle accident in 1996.

When he got back from recovery, almost two years after his accident, he kept windsurfing/wave riding only as a hobby to concentrate more on his professional circus career.

When Patto started KiteSurfing in 2011, there were no turning back ..and windsurfing stayed far behind ! 

In 2015, Patto became a certified IKO KiteBoarding Instructor (International KiteBoarding Organisation).

And as much as Lillie ...everybody knows him today as a total Kite junky!!!

He is an excellent cook as well and a very good expedition's guide.

Patto is like the "Puss in Boots" !! Yes, a bloody Cat ( chinese horoscope!) that just loves water!!

He's a very open-minded person and avery easy-going soul. His Virgo zodiac sign allows him to aim for quality in everything he does. This Gentlemen-Pirate is also very charismatic, spontaneous, creative and fully loaded of good vibrations!!                                                                   

Patto is everybody's best friend!!