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Since our Sailing Cruises are based upon personalised and customized charter needs for every clients onboard, different routings are only made possible according to our guest's selected activities at time.

The routes shown on the Itinerary Map and all the anchorage spots are only indicated for information purposes.

Even if this map shows the usual preferred trails we used, please note that they are all subject to change at any given moment, according to our customer's activities and most of all, Mother nature & the weather report.

All of our Cruising trips will start and end in Grenada Island, better known as "Spice Island"!!

("GND" is the airport code to get here)

We are located at the southern most part of that beautiful island, in the very small town of Lower Woburn, next to Whisper Cove Marina.

As a guest, you should know that we are going to navigate between Grenada Island & most of the small islands of St-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines.

Grenada & St-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines are two separated and independent countries from one another.

Please verify the information if your are in need of a visa/passport and surely know the requirements for these foreign countries regarding your nationality. (refer to section "Charter Details" below) 

Thank you for choosing 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter & enjoy your trip with us!!