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 "PAYASO" is a centered cockpit sailing vessel with an overall length of 51 feet, made of reinforced fiberglass designed as a sloop'rigged yacht. 

This amazingly cozy ship is very safe and a very versatile sea machine!


Going around virgen islands or beeing anchored in a secluded bay for a drink or a good night of sleep is very handy, stable and so very easy with this all-around keel boat.

In the deep Blue sea, her perfect hydrodynamic design & shape give "PAYASO" the ability to point very well into the wind as much as to navigate in severe weather !

While "surfing" huge waves in the Ocean is also a pure delightful pleasure, PAYASO always gives you that great feeling of protection when inside her big belly!!

She also responds so very well to the calm crystal clear water of the West Indies while anchored with a beautiful sunset ! :)

With over more than 20 years of sailing experience, we knew right from the beginning that this ship was the yacht of our dreams; we are very proud to share with all of our guests her incredible features!

All the inside & outside's finished are totally handcraft constructed, making this Unique yacht an outstanding piece of the Seven Seas..