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Sailing ! SaiLING ! SAILING !! 

Although this is a Sailing Charter, most of the charters out there don't get to sail too seriously.. but now you know that with 5ElementsPro, it is really possible to get deeper into it if you want to!


On this kind of "all-included" vacation spent aboard a sailing vessel, you should always expect to navigate few hours here and there, from an island to another or to reach a point where your next selected activity will take place! Nevertheless, it's always fun for us when people choose Sailing as an activity by itself, so we can absolutely enjoy the magic of deeply being part of the Ocean all together!


This "extra" Sailing section (apart from just movin' around islands) was built for you to experiment an intensive blue water session. You may want to get your own sailboat in a near future at some point, and want to know what is the real thing when it comes to navigate for at least 8 to 12 hours at sea, right?

Maybe you are just looking to get that feeling of truly experiencing some "watchs" at night with our crew and Captains!? Also maybe your dream is to sail with the stars in the late evening or just perhaps see an amazing sunrise while the sails are up !? Who knows? Maybe you do!

Well, what ever your reasons folks ...this is it! Enjoy the ride, learn ...and be ONE with the ELEMENTS!

This is Your chance to become a real Sailors of the Seven Seas!!