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This hiking session is a 5hres walk straight in the middle of Grenada Island, directly at Mt.Qua Qua's (2400ft/750m).

Mount Qua Qua is the second highest peak on the island of Grenada (afetr Mt.Ste-Catherine at 840m) but is surely the most pleasant and interesting hike of the island!


The route from Grand Etang Lake to Mont Qua Qua and going down to Concorde Falls is one of the best hiking route in the Caribbean! The ascent of Mount Qua Qua via its standard route leading to Concord Falls is absolutely attractive since it passes four nice waterfalls! That trail is considered an easy to moderated adventure with little mud and some steep places, but overall an amazing challenging route very rewarding and totally scenic !! The summit provides good views of Grenada and both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea can be seen. 


Prior to the hike for conquering Mt.Qua Qua's summit, we will also have an healthy snack next to the most beautiful waterfall of Grenada, Annandale Falls and we'll get to pass through different sites like the oldest Grenada's Rum Rivers Distillery ..just to have that lil' caribbean taste & groove before getting into action!  

Get on your feet mates & enjoy the mountain's fresh air from the magical West Indies !!


Being prepared to a moderate mountain hiking terrain, having an overall good health condition, using a good pair of shoes(or boots), taking care of a few bottles of water and always keeping your huge smiles are all what it takes to fullfill this adventure!

Ready for this, you will then meet Mr.Warren, our dear friend and private grenadian mountain guide! He will bring you directly inside the rainforest's secrets and will explain you all the different species of plants, fruits and animals in this living heart of the caribbean's tropical jungle !