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For KiteBoarders KiteBoarders !!


The specialized 5ElementsPro Sailing Charter is mostly dedicated to ALL level Kiters  who deserve this amazing quality time on the water while experimenting the true  comfort of  a customized sailing vessel!!


Rejuvenate with this ALL-INCLUSIVE HEALTHY CHARTER !! Enjoy super fresh food/drinks and get the most out of your vacation practicing your favourite hobby and taking advantage of some of the most incredible local activities  that YOU personally choose ! ! 

This is a fully one-of-a-kind personalized vacation & retreat on the ocean ...where the wind always blows & where virgen islands and undiscovered spots to man kind are only accessible by boat!


Don't know anything about KiteBoarding? Never experiment a real crystal clear water session? 

Or simply need a Refresh or Specific Kiteboarding topic class in paradise?




Let us give you a hand !!!

*Fully Certified IKO Instructor on board at all time & just for you!






*1hour "Refresh/ Evaluation/Specific Kiteboarding Class"  is included in all our Cruise's packages for every guest onboard!

(XTRA Kiteboarding Lesson FEES: [Kiteboarding Basics 2.5 hours at $200us per guest], [Kiteboarding Water Skills 2.5 hours at $220us per guest], [Kiteboarding Independant 6 hours at $400us per guest]. Please contact 5EP Team for more details on Kite class.)