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For Performing Artists Performing Artists!!


Need some quality time to loosen up from your audience while keeping in shape for the next gig ?

This amazing & specialized Sailing Charter is mostly dedicated to all Profesional Artists .. such as Dancers, Musicians, Actors, Singers & Circus Performers  who deserve this incredible & rejuvenating  escape away from the crowds while reconnecting with themselves, the elements and experimenting  the true  comfort of  a customized sailing vessel with other colorful artistic mates !!!


Regenerate yourself with this ALL-INCLUSIVE HEALTHY CHARTER !!

Enjoy super fresh  food/drinks and get the most out of your vacation by stretching & practicing your favourite art at your own pace while taking advantage of the most beautiful spot in the Caribbeans & by experimenting some of  the  incredible local activities  that YOU personally choose ! ! 


This is a fully one-of-a-kind personalized vacation & retreat in paradise, where the inspiration always blows & where virgen islands and undiscovered spots are only accessible by boat!! 



 Lets replenish  together!