What people say about

5ElementsPro & Carriacou


February 2023 – World

Richard Parson

December 2022 – World

” Patto and Jue are two amazing human beings and dedicated sail & kite people. I have met both of them in Mexico while kiting and plan to visit soon.

Highly recommended instructors for anyone who aims to lean how to kite in a friendly and safe manner. “

Silvan Leibacher

December 2022 – Switzerland

” Probably the best school in the Caribbean’s. I’ve been touring around the island of she south , going from kite spot to another, seeing many schools going around …

As a kite instructor myself I know a thing or two , and I have never witnessed such a high level of teaching . On “5 elements pro kite school “ you will get your money worth and much more . If you want to learn Kiting the right way and enjoy the process this is the school for you. “

Tal Sax

March 2022 – World

“Totally recommend the place ! Pato and Julie are really nice and pro “


March 2022 – Canada

“Patto and Julie are great, they are friendly, professional, and patient. Patto took the time to explain everything thoroughly and I felt safe through the whole experience.”

Scott Grewe

January 2022 – USA

” We spent 5 days sailing and kiting with Julie and Patto and it was an incredible experience!

They planned the most perfect trip for us, visiting kite spots around Carriacou, feeding us the most delicious vegan meals and preparing sundowners every night, their rum punch is great! I look forward to visiting and doing it all over again sometime soon!. “

Andrea Sabelli

December 2021 – World

“After several fun filled and expertly taught lessons, with Patto and Julie I’m well on my way to officially being able to call myself a kitesurfer 😉 (beginner)

Carriacou is a great place to learn and the instruction has been thorough and consist throughout all lessons!”


January 2022 – World

” Patto & Julie provide everything desired for learning to Kiteboard in Carriacou.

I’ve just returned from back-to-back weekends in Carriacou, logging 5-6 hours over two days each weekend. The first trip was 5 friends, second trip was just 2 of us.

Each weekend was professionally handled, especially the larger group was very well facilitated, with scheduling logistics for varying experience levels and alternating shifts planned and clearly communicated via WhatsApp by Patto. All interactions with him are enlivened by his natural positively emanating energy and love of live.

The necessary gear was all solid, up to date, and in good condition – kite, life jacket, harness, board and multiple kites (depending on skill and wind conditions).

I’ve had Patto as my instructor but my friends shared the same sentiments about Julie – that communication and support were strong points of this positive pair. Walkthroughs of background knowledge were provided, and lessons proceed at a suitable pace that reinforces knowledge and progress.

I’m excited to have advanced steadily through kite control, body dragging, board management/recovery, power strokes and onto water starts!

I’m looking forward to continuing my kiteboarding learning with 5elements Pro and staying in touch with the great people, Patto & Julie, making it happen.”

Branden ‘B’ Heyck

May 2021 – Grenada

Exceptionally awesome

” Patto and Julie are putting Carriacou on the kitesurfing map. As a fellow IKO instructor I can attest to their high level of professionalism and attentiveness to safety and fun.

I stayed a few days aboard their beautiful yacht Payaso and was blown away by their extra yummy food, friendliness and charm.

Thanks guyyyss, see you soon “


April 2021 – Caribbean

Great kiting and people

” Showed up by boat (intermediate kiters) not knowing there was any kiting on Carriacou. Found Patto and Julie who were so awesome. Educated us on local spots, arranged rides, and got us two days of kiting in ideal Caribbean conditions. Great scene. “


December 2021 – World

Amazing experience!!!

” If you have the opportunity to join Julie and Pato on any of their trips…..JUST DO IT!!! (no regrets).

Best beaches, best kitesurfing, best food, amazing sundowners, great stories and perfect hosts! Can’t think of anything that didn’t exceed our expectations!!! We visited the best kitespots around and Julie and Pato helped to improved our kiteboarding skills significantly!

Only negative is that the week ended at some point! We will definately be back!!!!! “


August 2020 – Australia

Unique island experience!!


April 2021 – World